Frequently asked questions

  • What are the future plans?

    The following features have been requested and will be included in an ulterior release of “Wishlist Butler”:

    • Redesign of the website, additional color schemes
    • Surprise mode
    • Export and save a wishlist
    • More languages for the interface (Dutch, Italian...)
    • Direct import of pictures from web links
  • Can I integrate my wishlist into Facebook?

    Unfortunately the Facebook integration is broken at the moment. Facebook changed the programming interface in Nov. 2010. An update will be available as soon as possible.

  • Will “Wishlist Butler” remain free?

    Yes! “Wishlist Butler” will be kept free by displaying advertisements on the lists page or by the donations you make.

  • Can I get an ad-free version of my wishlist?

    Yes! You are however requested to make a donation via PayPal.

  • Why is my wish “Reserved”?

    A wish gets “Reserved” if the wishlist owner edits the wish or as soon as someone clicks on “Grant”. This will prevent the wish from being granted simultanously by several persons. The reservation is cancelled if the granting action is aborted and it expires automatically after 10 minutes.

  • Will my email address be made public?

    No! If, as an owner of a wishlist, you enter your email address it will only be used to send you notifications e.g. of granted wishes; it will not be made public and it will not be handed over to any third person.
    If, as a donor or suggestor, you enter an email address when granting or suggesting a wish, this email address will only be sent to the wishlist owner; it will not be made public and it will not be handed over to any third person.

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