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If you want to support “Wishlist Butler” you can make a donation of the equivalent value of 5 Euro or whatever you find adequate. In return you will get an ad-free wishlist for the duration of one year.

Legal Stuff

Disclaimer of warranty: “Wishlist Butler” is provided for personal use only. No warranty, express or implied, is provided for the operation of this web page nor its suitablilty to any given task. The author can accept no responsibility for any damages whatsoever arising from the use or inability to use this web page.

Privacy statement: The data entered by the user on a voluntary basis, is with the exception of Google and Facebook not handed to any third person. In this context it is explicitly mentioned that this website uses “Google Analytics” for website statistics and “Google Adsense” for advertisement purposes. Moreover the "Like" button permits a connection between a wishlist and Facebook. The privacy statements for these services can be found here.

Data storage: The creator of a wish list has at any moment the possibility to permanently delete a wishlist (all the related data stored by “Wishlist Butler”). Each user is entitled to request the deletion of any personal data entered by sending an email to the author. After the deletion and with immediate effect the data is no longer available online on the “Wishlist Butler” website. As a general rule the data is however still available in offline backups for a maximum period of 3 months.

Release notes

“Wishlist Butler” has been officially released on 2006-12-31.

The following improvements have been made since the original release of “Wishlist Butler”:

  • Fixed Google Ads, Google Analytics, Twitter Button and Facebook Button (18.08.2020)
  • New certificate for https (31.08.2019)
  • Update of the underlying Unix system, change of hosting provider (31.08.2019)
  • Override of default list language (30.03.2014)
  • Update of the underlying Unix system (18.10.2012)
  • NEW FEATURE: Thank-you email to donors (09.04.2012)
  • Grey color scheme (08.04.2012)
  • Improvements to prevent mails from being tagged as spam (07.04.2012)
  • Update of the underlying Unix system (25.08.2011)
  • Twitter and Facebook buttons (17.04.2011)
  • Refinement of the privacy statements (09.03.2011)
  • French interface (31.07.2010)
  • Easy replacement of the picture (23.04.2010)
  • NEW FEATURE: Wish suggestions (22.04.2010)
  • Adapting code to increased traffic on website (18.04.2010)
  • More efficient data storage of pictures (18.04.2010)
  • New URL's without '?' (22.01.2010)

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