What is “Wishlist Butler”?

This free website allows you to set up and manage a “private” wish list! Set up a wedding gift registry, a baby shower or a birthday wish list in less than a minute and share this list with all your colleagues, friends and relatives!

Key features of this wish list website

  • No need to create an account.
  • Easy to use and free.
  • Quick overview over granted and open wishes.
  • Not bound to any specific web-shop.

The ideas behind this gift registry

There are many shops on the web providing their customers with the possibility to create an online gift registry or wish list. However this wish list is then bound to that specific shop. “Wishlist Butler” provides an easy way to create a shop-independent wish list.

This gift registry website is kept as simple as possible, and you are not required to create a user account. Just copy the weblink provided after the creation of the wish list and send it to your friends, allowing them to see all your wishes. A second “secret” weblink is provided to you for administration purposes.

Your friends can grant the wishes and provide you with feedback if they want to do so. Granted wishes are marked as “taken” in the wish list.

Create your own free online wish list

Just click on the button below to create your own personal wish list.

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